Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm back.


Back after a long hiatus.............too many stories that are too long to relate.

I just want to say thanks for all the feedback I have received and I will be in touch with as many as I can.

I started many entries. The trouble is, I have been picky about the content and outrageously busy trying to keep creative juices going as a working musician and in personal writing. I have been unsure how to express ideas here but have just decdided it is more important to get it out regardless of literary "whatevers". Dozens languish as drafts. I am often caught saying "get on with it" or being "disciplined" is necessary for garbage hunting bliss. However, the world economy being what it is these days, I feel an urge?...................duty?.................. to finish all these off and share. They may start to take on many shapes, styles and sizes as I attempt to just spit them out rough hewn. I hope you enjoy them.

So lets just get on with it. What I really want to address here is efficiency.

Here is a tip that will be specific to those that drive. Driving should make the process faster; however, it should be organized in a circular pattern or repeating swirl if necessary to accommodate as many right turns as possible(they are legal here in Canada on a red-they may not be elsewhere). When you have a 'trap line" you want to check....................sorry, I could not help will be on it hundreds of days a year. Wasted time adds up. Avoiding lights by utilising right hand turns, especially at reds is a must. This is not meant to represent a factor of greed whereby you are rushing to "get it all", just common sense. The quality time is the second of revelation. When you can't believe what you have. The acquisition. Not sitting waiting at lights. In a year you will save weeks of time if you are out there as often as me. And if you can and are wise, you will spend it with loved ones or doing the stuff you enjoy. Sometimes garbage pickin' is just plain old garbage pickin' and it gets "old".

All objects great and small.

Never physically visit a can and leave empty handed. Obviously you do not (and most likely will not) want to be taking anything or everything. However; once you make the commitment to stop and look, as a matter of discipline and habit, you should take something of value to reward your time and energy. Even when you think there is nothing there look harder. Small objects are ideal in these moments. The stuff that may not seem worth it like stationary, hardware , nails & screws..........oddball items that normally do not appear to be a big catches. Taken, used,reused and energy/money/landfill saved, it will just be more slow moving leverage in your favour. Once again, in a year, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of saved money as you move through life. Think of it as personal pyramid building. I mean we all know deep down that thousands of average workers really built the great Pyramids the hard way. Little piece by piece. It's only epic in hindsight. But it is your pyramid you are building.